FineScanner - PDF Document Scanner App Free + OCR App Reviews

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Best Scanner App

This is the best PDF Scanner app I ever tried. Unlike many others, this provides nearly 100% accurate OCR (text recognition). Worth every penny.


This app has everything you need all one.. They listen as well, if something is not working correctly, let them know, boom it is fixed. Think the app is lacking extras, let them know, boom its there..! Couldnt ask for better app creators that actually care!!

Best of the best

It is the best PDF converter! I use it to e-fax.

Great App, Nice Autoscan

Auto-scan feature that allows you to rapidly scan multiple pages into one PDF is great. Saves to iCloud immediately after minimal setup, SWEET! Best scan app I have found. I have 8. Export interface is a little in-standard and requires extra steps. With iCloud save, dont see this much but still would like it cleaned up to simple 2 step Apple approach. Just remove the first series of buttons. Maybe make another button for preset exports? Would be happy to pay 0.99 to clear up the interface and get rid of the recognition adverts. The price for the recognition is a little steep so not interested in that considering my Macs $49 app does it just fine.


No complaints. Easy to use.

Great CYA app

I have photoed checks and other docs that I have been able to catalog with this app. Its easy to use, solid "cropping" technology and a utility forever on my phone.


Super helpful! Thanks!

Love it!!

Very awesome and so easy to use app! Love it!

Great app

Helps immeasurably with keeping docs up to date in my law practice.

Take so long for recognition

It takes so long to recognize pictures!! I have to wait like one min for each recognition!

Best scanner app!

Fast and easy. Unlimited scans for free.


Thanks to developers! I don’t have to store receipts anymore - I can scan and save them!


Muito útil


Very useful

Perfect ... almost

Great tool with some handling issues.


I just love it - by the way the whole series of products


Reliable and easy

Indespensable Incredible

I have been using it for years and find it quick to use, accurate & perfect!

Works well and fast

Ive used this app for years, its fast to get your pages digitized and has completely replaced my need for a scanner. I should probably give them some money.


Very convenient and easy to use.

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