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I like this app, as well as text grabber.

Easy to use!

Good App

In use more than 1 year. No remarks.Thanks.

Too slow and poor quality

I paid too much for this. I wanted it for book scanning. Does a terrible job and even uploads after 10 scans or so. It should store the whole book on your phone and upload when finished. I also own the Abby FineReader Mac OCR. Not any better. Years ago, I purchased Abby Fine Reader for my work and it worked wonders. Scanning seems to be much worse now. I would not recommend wasting your money.

Great app!

Loving it and does as it says!

I´m super satisfied

I´m satisfied with everything... i´m using it for my researches.. copying quickly pages from books etc. The only thing i would highly highly highly appreciate would can use the OCR to an limit of 100 PDF pages it would be amazing, if you guys could update this issue. Otherwise it is the best scanning/book scanning app, i came across. Thumbs up :)

Handy Little App

I use it at work because Im too lazy to walk all the way upstairs to use the scanner. Works great!

Scanning Software is awesome

Has great features. Very reliable.

unbelievable its work

the quality is amazing on a iPhone 6


Perfect like machine 1 to 1 ??????

Best scanner app

Ive tried virtually every scanner app out there, and I can say that find scanner is by far the best and easiest to use.

One of most useful apps on my phone

Just love using this app. Intuitive and fast, keeping all you document needs in order.

Good stuff

Thank you!

Very Poor Experience for Book Scanning

I wanted to scan a book, so I purchased the BookScan add-on. It was a very frustrating experience. Pros * Splits scans into two pages. Works most of the time. Cons * Images have to be uploaded and are split in the server. They take a really long time, maybe almost one hour for a 250 pages book. Also, the images are not uploaded in the background. You have to stop scanning and wait for it. * Sometimes (quite often) it wont split the scans. Theres no option to reprocess the images. The only option is to delete them and rescan them again. * You might want to proceed with the scan in small batches and verify once in a while whether the pages are being scanned and split correctly. Now to get to the last pages you just scanned, you have to scrool with your finger, one by one, all previous pages you have scanned. Theres no "past page" button or quick access. Imagine this with a 250 pages book...

Thank you Fine Scanner :)

Thank you, Fine Scanner!!

Great app!

Thank you, great app!

Brutal if you scan more than a few pages

I paid for the suite of services from ABBEY and am now mad I paid. I thought the scanner would come in handy as I work in insurance and often need to scan or copy documents while on the road. I scanned a few policies using this app and the result has been a nightmare. Instead of considering the scan one PDF it stores the files almost like individual images. A 20 page document turned into a 100MB PDF! That is ridiculous and it causes trouble when trying to email, print, work with, etc. This scanner is brutal and not worth the money. Im going to buy a portable, desk top scanner now.

owesome App

nice Apps


Love it! Very Dependable! No longer need a fax machine or scanner--its that good!

Friggin awesome

My wife is horrible with keeping receipts for her business when it domes tax time. This app is so easy to use even her technology challenged self can do this with ease. LOVE.....LOVE......LOVE THIS APP

Stop bugging me for a review!

Every time I use the app, Im pestered for a review. Anything nice I might have is erased by the incessant begging.

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